27 Prevention Points: Servicing in Marion, Mount Gilead, Delaware, OH and Surrounding Areas

27 Prevention Points to secure your property Provided by D/J Bug Away, LLC

These 27 Prevention Points in conjunction only with a D/J Bug Away Perimeter treatment will help prevent unwanted pests.

Outside a Structure

  1. Have a D/J Bug Away Perimeter treatment. A perimeter treatment is a liquid application that is applied to

foundation, entryways, windows, exterior lighting a soffit 25 feet high and under. This barrier helps keep over 100 species of pests from living in and around your home/structure. Exterior stays cleaner with minimal cobwebs.

  1. Entry doors should close tightly. Door sweeps and rubber trim should be replaced at least twice yearly for primary entry doors.
  2. Seal holes around conduits and piping entering a structure.
  3. Repair any cracks in exterior walls, especially as these contact soil.
  4. Windows and doors used for ventilation should be properly screened.
  5. Seal existing spaces around soffits and gable vents.
  6. Check and clean gutters and downspout drains to ensure they are functioning properly. Water should run at

         least 6 feet away from foundation.

  1. Items stored outside for indefinite periods should be placed on racks elevated at least 12 inches above the


  1. Install lights on poles away from the structure so they illuminate doors and steps, but do not attract insects

         from the building.

  1. Keep exterior garage cans closed when not in use
  2. Place garage cans at least 25 feet away from entry doors.
  3. Firewood should be placed at least 8” from the ground to prevent rodent activity.
  4. Make sure there is no wood to ground combination to prevent termites and carpenter ants
  5. Garage seals need to be checked and replaced several times a year to prevent rodents from entering.


  1. Any landscaping (even with mulch) should be away from the foundation of the home, unless mulch is treated for   

      Subterranean Termites.

  1. Bushes and tree limbs should be 12” away from the structure.

Inside the structure

  1. Keep equipment, floors, and counters free of grease and other food particles.
  2. Clean up food spills promptly.
  3. Regularly clean floor mats in kitchen and dishwashing areas
  4. Use trash can liners when collecting food-containing garbage.
  5. Drain waste liquid food residues of excess moisture before discarding.
  6. Repair or replace leaking or dripping faucets
  7. Seals holes around conduits, plumbing, and other items that penetrate walls,

      floor, or ceilings.                                

  1. Provide space under and around appliances for ventilation and cleaning.
  2. Seal all permanently installed furniture and counter stops at points of attachment. Leave no gaps for pest harborage.
  3. If you live in a modular or manufactured home, they may have plastic plumbing. Rodents chew more                              

           frequently on this.

  1. Eliminate all moisture places.

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