About D/J Bug Away

Owners: Dan and Judy Kirkpatrick

Welcome to our website! It is our hope that we offer you as much knowledge as possible during your visit.

We are unique because we are two different types of inspection companies. D & J House Doctors, LLC is a complete Home Inspection company that also provides Real Estate Inspections. D/J Bug Away, LLC is a full-service Pest Management and Nuisance Wildlife removal company. The two go hand in hand and benefit you as a customer. You want to know the up to date guidelines for how a home/structure is functioning because with some defects it can lead to Pest Infestations, this would be what is referred to as an Home Inspection. Our Pest Management service offers you the knowledge with your home/structure so that we may help correct the issues that caused the pest infestation to begin with.

This also helps prevent future infestations. Our knowledge of both offers you the most complete overview possible! It is not just a guess, we have credentials and ongoing education to back up our suggestions. You cannot find this with just any company.

About UsThe companies were established in 2003 and 2004 by Dan and Judy Kirkpatrick. Today we have numerous trucks on the road providing Pest Management and Home Inspection services to approximately 14 counties in Central Ohio. Our office staff is knowledgeable and friendly when calling with questions, concerns or to schedule appointments.

We have been very blessed by our dedicated customers both residential and commercial and look forward to meeting new. It seems in today’s world the fast and furious economics have taken over, but Dan and Judy still believe in the old fashioned value of SERVICE. We do all we can to bring knowledge and solutions with outstanding service to our customers. We understand without your satisfaction we no longer exist.

Our local community in Marion, Ohio began a promotion with this same value in mind. We would like to say “Thank You” we would not have been a success without our local support and able to grow into the communities we have if we had not been MarionMade!